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Tales of Vesperia - Guide and Walkthrough - Xbox 360 - By ,[ Lower Quarter ] ----- Enemies: None Items: 500 Gald Bread x4 Egg x2 Life Bottle x4 Melange Gel x4 Orange Gel x4 After the scene head to the right of the fountain for another

Tales of Phantasia - Guide and Walkthrough - Game Boy ,The town is still kinda lame but now the team can make some progress. To start Cress can buy a skillbook from a shady back-alley vendor in the northern section of the city (18000g).

Tales of the Abyss - Guide and Walkthrough - 3DS - By ,Enter the second door on the right to find a Melange Gel inside then enter the one right above (aka the northeast door) for a Silver Guard and a Syrup Bottle. And from there leave that

Tales of Destiny - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation ,Get the Melange Gel from the chest and then head west through the hallway. Ignore the door you'll see and pick up the Green Gel at the end of the hallway. Then go south through the

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