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Bravely Default - Guide and Walkthrough - 3DS - By Sailor ,The shop on deck of your Airship is updated as well. The Magic Shop here now has all magics in game for sale including level 6 magics. ----- Caldisla area ----- New Enemies Kobold

Endless Ocean: Blue World - Item Guide - Wii - By ac ,Composite materials shaped for max comfort. How obtained & when first available: Buy from Nancy for 790P after the end of Chapter 4. BCD Icon [BCI] ----- Although some of the

ROTS Obi-wan vs TPM Darth Maul - Battles - Comic Vine,Any version aside from TPM gets thrashed. Well a duel between pre-2008 EU Obi-Wan & Maul is a toss up. Maul is likely more formidable outright but stylistically speaking Sidious

Darth Sidious VS Yhwach - Battles - Comic Vine,Darth SidiousV.SYhwach RULESStandard Battle AssumptionsYhwach is SK w/ SchriftsSidious has canon EU and DE feats/abilitiesBoth are bloodlustedFight

Indominus Rex vs Xenomorph Queen - Battles - Comic Vine,Battle takes place inside Indominus Rex's paddock. They start 75 feet apart. 2nd battle. This is the same battle set up as before except the I. Rex's hide and organs becomes acid

Lost Odyssey - Spoiler-Free Walkthrough - Xbox 360 - By ,4. Yes that means if you have a PAL console and speak English you can play the Asian version. The dialogue menus even the manual are all in English. The proper EU version has other

Star Wars Tiering - Gen. Discussion - Comic Vine,Star Wars duels however rarely occur on equal footing or level ground. "The fighting has evolved in these last three movies considerably" says Gillard. "George Lucas

General Grievous vs Goro - Battles - Comic Vine,User Lists: 4. #34 Edited By deactivated-5e8a1f5fafc4e. @devil_driver: Goro is stronger he can rip a human in half casually. Grievous can rip metal in half casually and his striking

Darth Nyriss vs Darth Maul - Battles - Comic Vine,Darth Nyriss (Old Republic) vs Darth Maul. All EU feats are allowed and they are both at their peaks. Standard gear all abilities allowed and the fight is to the death.

Geralt of Rivia vs White Walkers - Battles - Comic Vine,Like Star wars EU are nolonger canon to the films but EU still regard the first 6 movies as canon since it's what it's build upon. Look I'm not confused here. I understand

ROTS Obi-wan vs TPM Darth Maul - Battles - Comic Vine,ROTS Kenobi > SoD Maul > TCW Maul ~/=TCW Kenobi > TPM Maul. TPM Maul defeated Obi Wan and Qui Gon at the same time a feat older version of Obi can hardly repeat. Theyare roughly

Best Video Games of All Time - Page 76 - Metacritic,Peggle 2 injects players into the peg-popping vista of the original while delivering an array of new features and functionality. Peggle 2 offers all-new levels new and improved power-ups

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