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Arc Rise Fantasia - Guide and Walkthrough - Wii - By ,First go all the way to the lower portion in the boss room to find AZURE ROBES a costume for L'Arc. Now heal up and get ready for a really long fight. Allwise strategy: There's

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition - Guide and Walkthrough ,Go to the door on your left and through the door in front. and take the soul of a proud knight. Turn around and move back now take the door to your right again you'll be ambushed by

Drakan: The Ancients' Gates - Guide and Walkthrough ,Some assassins come to kill you again. Then go up the two stair cases and jump the cracks in the floor. Quickly run up the hall and kill the archer. You will then be on the other side of

Drakan: The Ancients' Gates - FAQ - PlayStation 2 - By ,WARNING! Soon after this section a door will close behind you and you will never be able return to any previous point in the game and will have no access to a blacksmith! So take this

Enclave - Guide and Walkthrough - Xbox - By Htes1031 ,Watch out for flying rocks and fire arrows. Go around the door to the left for another pot of gold (10/100.) Back where you came in is a cannon use it to blow open the outer doors. Go

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Guide and ,Continue foward and go through the door at the top of the room. You will be in a large irregularly shaped room with two doors one to the left and one to the right. Make your way to the

Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour - Guide and ,Get the whole squad to the eastern side of the river and have a Gattling Tank and some Tank Hunters defend the east side of the outpost. The crack team should advance upward having the

Crash your carbon-fiber i3 EV? Here's how BMW will fix it ,Here's how BMW will fix it The use of carbon fiber in the frame of the BMW i3 has many worried about high repair costs. BMW gives us an inside look at why it won't be so bad.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - Guide and Walkthrough ,Repair the outpost to full health and send your team east to wipe out the two buildings in the outpost. Use the riflemen to wipe out the infantry and use the missile teams to attack the

Crime Lab: Body of Evidence - Walkthrough - DS - By feelah ,Search around the room until you find them all. You'll notice a door that says "control room" on it and it's locked. Check the mat under the door for a key but it's

Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm - Guide and Walkthrough - DS ,Now head back to the first door on the 1st floor and this time take the left. Follow the path until you reach an intersection. Take the path to the right and go through the door on the

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