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Why a Chromebook isn't the same thing as a budget laptop ,Even with low-end parts Chromebooks feel snappy. The reason I like my Chromebook so much is its easy maintenance. It just works without any effort needed on my part. The plastic

2019 Subaru Ascent long-term update: Easiest oil change ,2019 Subaru Ascent long-term update: Easiest oil change ever. Maintenance is part of almost any vehicle ownership experience. If you're a DIYer you'll love how easy it is to

Another step closer to artificial blood - CBS News,Another step closer to artificial blood. Artificial blood stored as a powder could one day revolutionize emergency medicine and provide trauma victims a better chance of survival.

Selling your home? 17 tips for creating maximum curb ,Homebuyers today are all about low maintenance. Reduce the maintenance and the water bill by removing a section of lawn and replacing it with drought-tolerant landscaping. Be wary of

The fastest way to kill your laptop - CBS News,Bank fees slam low-income households study finds Black and Hispanic households paid billions of dollars in overdraft and checking account maintenance fees last year. 5M ago

Ford recalls 30000 new F-150 pickups for three issues ,Ford recalls 30000 new F-150 pickups for three issues. The carmaker also recalled an estimated 70000 Transit vans for another different problem. Ford loves issuing a batch of recalls

Super Bowl Party "Do's" and "Dont's" - CBS News,Also decorating for a Super Bowl can be very low maintenance so have fun with it! Get some Colts and Saints flags helmets bobble headed dolls jerseys footballs.

Plant it and forget it with the self-watering AliGro ,AliGro wants to take low-maintenance gardening to its logical ideal: a completely hands-free plant-growing process. That's the promise of the new AliGro Planter from California

What it feels like to kill 563 mice for science - CNET,The hollowed-out corpse is dumped into a plastic zip-lock bag the kind you might keep your lunch in and thrown in the bin. Mice are low maintenance especially when compared with

How to unclog a toilet without a plunger using this ,This is the step that requires the most finesse. If you've already tried to flush the clog down a second time and the toilet bowl is positively brimming add the soap directly to the

Aging robot arm gets spacewalk surgery - CBS News,Thursday's spacewalk was the 203rd EVA devoted to station assembly and maintenance since construction began in 1998 the eighth so far this year the third for Bresnik and the first

CarMD Vehicle Health System review: Device is a poor ,The CarMD box holds the port scanner a plastic handheld device along with a USB cable installation CD and user manual. The port scanner takes two triple-A batteries. A small monochrome

Aging robot arm gets spacewalk surgery - CBS News,The Canadarm 2 measures 57.7 feet long weighs nearly 4000 pounds has seven joints and in the weightless environment of low-Earth orbit can move large spacecraft and modules from one

7 Easter treats that might kill your cat or dog - CBS News,7 Easter treats that might kill your cat or dog Wikimedia Commons Easter lilies. Easter lilies are beautiful and symbolic of many of the virtues of the holiday; however they -- and all

'Five People You Meet In Heaven' - CBS News,A STORY WENT around about Eddie. When he was a boy growing up by this very same pier he got in an alley fight. Five kids from Pitkin Avenue had cornered his brother Joe and were about

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