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What are the benefits for siding with each faction ,As far as I know siding with a faction (any) DO have benefits. Ranging from special dialogues and reaction to more quests and equiptment rewards. To be more specific the three major

Lex Luthor (Character) - Comic Vine,Lex Luthor Superman's arch-nemesis is one of the most brilliant men alive whose hatred of "interfering aliens" pushes him down the path of a sociopath. Known for his

Best pressure washers for 2021 - CNET,I tried to damage that siding -- 4200 psi with a red tip at point-blank the best I had -- but there wasn't a scratch. Pressure washers are wonderful options for cleaning vinyl siding.

I really regret siding with the Brotherhood of Steel at ,For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I really regret siding with the Brotherhood of Steel at the end of the story.".

Brotherhood of steel benefits? - Fallout: New Vegas,Brotherhood of steel benefits? User Info: Mahuri. spoilers to get them to helpyou need to be a siding with NCR as your major faction and pursuade the elder to join NCR----this is

Best Faction - Long Term - Fallout 4 - GameFAQs,That's either siding with the Brotherhood of Steel or The Institute. The reason is simple. The Railroad cares nothing about the Commonwealth the Capital Wasteland or anything aside

What are the benefits of siding with the Vampires? - The ,Harkons Sword is worthless. It's an enchanted katana roughly on par with a steel sword and the enchantment doesn't have many charges. If you want good katana use the Blades'

I just sided with azure in the pitt and helped the slavers ,Siding with the slaves is pretty useless if you have the Tribal Power Armour from collecting 100 ingots. You take the baby as usual and report to Midea who tells you where wernher is and

10 home renovations that will pay you back - CBS News,Installing a new steel entry door has the largest cost versus resale value according to Remodeling's report. It's about a $1200 project that's likely to boost your home's

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - GameSpot,It's a big world out there and you shouldn't go it alone. Check out our complete Fallout 3 walkthrough for help on every mission and side-quest including Xbox 360 achievements and

Pros and cons for joining the institute? - Fallout 4,For Fallout 4 on the Xbox One a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Pros and cons for joining the institute?".

Hurricane Delta leaves hundreds of thousands without power,A big concern ahead of the Delta's arrival had been that the winds would pick up the debris left by Laura – piles of soggy insulation moldy mattresses tree limbs and twisted metal

Who is better to side with BoS or The Institute ,Siding against the Railroad means you'd be picking up more reinforced railroad coats gauss rifles and raillway rifles. Personally I like the BoS things a bit better but that might

Options For Replacing Roofs - CBS News,Duraloc Metal Panel This roof option is coated with a granular texture to make it look like traditional asphalt shingles so they're gray in color. This product comes with a 50-year

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